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Several years after founding Greenboy Games (developing Game Boy games in a cartridge), and with the company integrated into the world’s largest publisher of Game Boy games, Incube8 Games, I launch myself into the task of creating a first prototype of a retro game with last generation technology tools. In this project I mix my passion for retro video games and my passion for new technology and blockchain. I have been lucky enough to be awarded several prizes and recognitions, including best homebrew game 2021 (DeVuego awards). Below I share the most relevant nominations, awards and publications.

Complete Collection

This is the complete collection of GameBoy games made by me. 'The Shapeshifter 2' 'The Shapeshifter 1' 'Where is my body?' 'Micro Doctor' 'Lunar Journey' 'Submarine 9' 'Leo Legend'

Kickstarter project funded and delivered 3

This is my first KICKSTARTER campaign. After several Game boy games developed on greenboygames.com, ('Micro Doctor', 'Lunar Journey', 'Submarine 9', 'Leo Legand'), I would like to start a New Game: "Where is my body?". All my previous games are sold and distributed mostly in physical cartridge (not ROM) since the main idea is to keep alive the spirit and gameplay of this legendary console. The game is divided into two chapters: 'The Lab' and 'The City'. In the first chapter, you need to solve various mysteries and get out of the lab before moving to the city. In the second chapter, You must find your body by following the clues that you discover as the game progresses.

Kickstarter project funded and delivered 2

Kickstarter campaign for Cartridge Game 'The Shapeshifter' "Become the animal you touch!" - 2021 (Game Boy® compatible game). Let's talk about the game. .... You are Elliot, an ordinary person who is going to spend the weekend in the mountains with some friends. All of you have fallen asleep in the open air, near a campfire, but the cold of the night wakes you up ...or maybe it was a cry for help there in the distance... who knows.. Elliot meets a little elf who is asking you for help: Save the elves world from the wizard's spell!! To do this, the elf gives you a great power: You will become the animal you touch, but remember that the power will fade at dawn. Hurry up! We do not have much time!! Once you cross through the hole in the centennial broccoli tree, you will immerse yourself in the elves world.

Kickstarter project funded and delivered 1

This is the KICKSTARTER campaign for THE SHAPESHIFTER 2. 'The Shapeshifter 2' is the 2nd part of the Trilogy 'The Shapeshifter- Become the Animal You Touch', an Old-School Adventure game, reminiscent of classics like 'Monkey Island', and is the first and only Game Boy game that requires 2 CARTRIDGES to play! ...and I will try to dazzle you with the original game mechanics! Do you remember the 'Choose your own adventure'® books? You can go to one point or another in the book according to your choice. Well, in this game it has something in common, although without books or pages. This game is made up of 2 CARTRIDGES! Yes, you heard well, 2 cartridges for one game. You will have to switch the cartridges during the game and insert 'Adventure Codes' in order to continue your adventure.